June 11, 2021

BLR, LLP Burlington Office has MOVED!!!

Our new address is 3067 Mainway, Burlington ON L7M 1A1

(Guelph Line and Mainway)

COVID-19 Update

We are here to help you!

We hope all of you have been able to stay safe and healthy during this chaotic and wild year.  Although we are operating a little differently than normal, we are still fully prepared to help you with your accounting, tax, and advisory needs.


Here’s how:


Burlington Location:

Our doors remain closed for day to day activities (dropping off tax information, payments, etc), however, we are operating curbside pick ups and drop offs.  We are scheduling phone calls, video meetings and, when needed, in person meetings.  Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5pm.

For drop offs

There is a box sitting on the window ledge in our vestibule.  Place items into the box, give a little wave to our admin team, and then someone will take the documents inside as soon as you leave.  If you arrive after hours, there is a secured drop box on the outside, next to our front door.

For pick ups

We ask that when you arrive at our office, you call from your car (905-333-5066) and we then bring out your documentation to the window ledge for you to take (or sign, if needed).

In person meetings

For those interested in meeting face to face with our partners, please call our office 905-333-5066 to schedule a time.  There is a boardroom with an entrance/exit off the sidewalk (door 14) that you will enter/exit the meeting from.  The room is sanitized after every use and masks are required at all times.


Waterdown Location:

Our doors remain closed at this time.  We have a slot on the front door where you may insert your documents.  The office number is on the door (905-689-2052) if assistance is required.  Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

At this time, there are NO in person meetings.  The Partners in Waterdown are available via phone or video meetings.


We thank you for your understanding in how we have modified our operations as we continue to navigate the unknown.  May you continue to stay healthy, safe and above all, happy.  Best wishes for the fall and winter seasons!




Please also click here for a summary of changes that the pandemic has caused to tax deadlines.






Back to your regularly scheduled welcome paragraph:

Welcome to BLR, LLP Chartered Professional Accountants.  We want you to enjoy where your financial journey can take you, working with us along the way.  We deliver the highest quality results, while building an organization with our clients’ satisfaction at the centre of everything we do.  We’re a different kind of accounting firm because we believe numbers can be personal.