Beckett Lowden Read has re-branded to BLR, LLP

Welcome to BLR, LLP Chartered Professional Accountants.  We want you to enjoy where your financial journey can take you, working with us along the way.  We deliver the highest quality results, while building an organization with our clients’ satisfaction at the centre of everything we do.  We’re a different kind of accounting firm because we believe numbers can be personal.

 These checklists can help you organize your information when we are  preparing your personal tax return:

T1 General Checklist 2018(.pdf)
Business Activities(.pdf) /Business Activities Fillable(.xls)
Employment Expenses(.pdf) / Employment Expenses Fillable(.xls)
Rental Property Activities(.pdf) / Rental Property Activities Fillable(.xls)           
2018 US Personal Tax Checklist (.pdf)